March Facial of the Month

Renew with this “a-peeling” wrap treatment, perfect for parched skin. We begin with a pH-balanced green tea cleanser, with anti-inflammatory properties for delicate skin. Next, Vitamin Berry Tonic infused with rose water and aronia fruit extract adds a dose of nourishment to complexion before a shea sugar crystal exfoliator polishes. Then, we apply a texture-improving tapioca, rice and glycolic resurfacing mask. Fruit extracts and acids gently exfoliate dead surface cells, while hydrating honey and coconut milk infuse skin with moisture. A peptide-enhanced brightening serum is then applied, containing skin-soothing organic gotu kola. An Agave Nectar Oil massage brings hydration to complexion. Finally, a botanical milk and advanced peptide moisturizer is applied. To finish, crow’s feet and under-eyes are treated with a powerfood serum infused with dermatologist-developed peptides

To unstuff those sinuses, begin with a hot towel treatment steeped in Rosemary Mint Tea. Follow up with an invigorating Green Tea Milk Wash. Then, our Vitamin Berry Tonic provides vital nourishment, before a Tea Cucumber Buffing Powder specially formulated with calming French green clay and cucumber extract takes effect. Next, complexion is painted with a soothing Guac Star mask with essential fatty acids that work to protect your skin’s outermost layer. To loosen up that mask, your face is soothed with another steeped hot towel, and any remnants are gently wiped away. Treat complexion with an intoxicating serum, loaded with good-for-skin resveratrol and antioxidants, before an application of Three Milk Moisturizer hydrates. Finally, target eyes with a clinically tested serum that helps to erase the look of pesky crow’s feet. Ahh, breathe deep knowing your sinuses are relieved

July Pedicure of the Month

Feet and legs are enveloped in a warm, coconut oil and vitamin E-rich Cucumber Fresca Fizzer before you’re buffed and polished with a refreshing citrus-grass scented salt scrub. Envelop your feet in a cooling hydrating Avocado Mask with hot steamy towels. Last, enjoy a silky massage with a creamy steeped milk lotion with light notes of relaxing lavender. Packed with vitamins A, E & D, this blend leaves skin looking dewy and radiant!

May Pedicure of the Month

May Facial of the Month

Feet and legs dip into sparkling, vitamin-rich soaking oils and bath fizzer with notes of Apricot Nectar and a vibrant clementine scent. A fine grain shea sugar scrub with Honey and Lavender is worked into tired feet and legs. Pudding Apeel mask will smooth the rough edges and reveal the new skin beneath. A relaxing massage using a billowy, whipped, peptide-infused body mousse with a light milk & oat scent, leaves you relaxed and renewed.

Get your glow on! Fresh squeezed for your face, a clementine antioxidant-rich oil gently removes makeup before a creamy green tea extract milk wash cleanses all your worries away! You’re then freshened up with a crisp aronia fruit and rose water tonic! Complexion rejoices when One Fine Day Polish whips up and works to unveil your natural radiance with a delicate blend of shea butter, grapefruit and citrus oils. A Mango-Poppy Seed Buffing Mask combines 100% natural ingredients into a wholesome exfoliation with mango fruit butter & extract, poppy seeds, rice powder and whole milk to exfoliate, nourish and soften your skin. You will be nothing less than flawless after our application of Spotted Leaving Serum smooths and evens skin tone. We tighten and tone with peptide-infused Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer and Crow Catcher eye transformation serum before your big reveal as a glowing morning goddess.

June Facial of the Month

July Facial of the Month

April Facial of the Month

June Pedicure of the Month

March Pedicure of the Month

Pedicure & Facial of the Month

A pick-me-up treatment that brings tingles all the way down to the toes. This bottom to top treatment begins with Green Tea Marigold organic mineral soak. We follow this with a brown sugar, bourbon and rice bran oil exfoliation on palms, fingers, feet and toes -- bringing smooth sensations to the extremities. Next, a bionutrient peat mud is painted on and left to linger, infusing skin with mineral and organic plant compounds that rapidly cool, quickly calm, and instantly moisten skin. A garnish of lemon cream shea butter brings a finish that feels refreshing. This could be bottoms-up addictive.

Each month enjoy a special crafted pedicure and facial to match the month!

Featuring Farmhouse Fresh products that have been chosen to have a scent theme. 

Included in your service is a heated herbal neck wrap, water, coffee, tea, wine or Cocktail to match the theme and a little edible treat to match as well!

Amy's Creative Cakes bakes special treats for each month!

Approximately 60 minutes

 Facial of the Month


Pedicure of the Month -----  $59

Make it a package! Book our Flavor of the Month Package

 Pedicure and Facial of the Month for----  $100! 


April Pedicure of the Month