Each month enjoy a special crafted pedicure and facial to match the month!

Featuring Farmhouse Fresh products that have been chosen to have a scent theme. 

Included in your service is a infused water or Cocktail to match the theme and a little edible treat to match as well!

Amy's Creative Cakes bakes special treats for each month!

Approximately 60 minutes

 Facial of the Month


Pedicure of the Month -----  $59

Make it a package! Book our Flavor of the Month Package

 Pedicure and Facial of the Month for----  $100! 


 Soak in a luxurious lemon creme fizz ball infused bath. Be flawlessly smoothed with a fresh, citrus and cream fine grain salt scrub. Finally, a light massage whisks you off your feet with a soothing fresh Hello Yellow lemon cream shea butter lotion.

 Freshen your complexion with this sweet springtime treat. The Green Tea Milk Wash will purify and pamper your skin, while a steaming compress of our Nectar Milk Soak uses chicory root and almond oil extract to deeply soften, calm, and moisturize. A shea-sugar polish is next on the menu to prep complexion for a decadent facial mask that soaks up impurities with its nutrient-rich yogurt, oat and honey components. Peak antioxidants in Wine Down Serum imparts so much vitamin and antioxidant goodness, your face just plumps up with happiness! Crow Catcher Eye Serum begins attacking wrinkles and lines. Finally, Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, a botanical blend of deep wrinkle combating peptides and creamy, age-defying hydration, provides the perfect dollop on this rejuvenating delight. 

Ready for a mouthwatering peach of a treat? To begin, dip into a creamy apricot soak. Next, breathe in and out deeply as you're thoroughly exfoliated in a whipped shea sugar exfoliation - revealing new skin beneath and leaving you soft & silky. A richly hydrating shea butter massage will leave you refreshingly relaxed and softened from head to toe, as notes of delicious ginger and peach tea linger sweetly on your skin.

October Pedicure of the Month

October Facial of the Month

September Facial of the Month

July Facial of the Month

July Pedicure of the Month

Pedicure & Facial of the Month

 Oh what a way to kick off your day! A creamy, green tea and coconut milk cleanser washes away excess dirt and oil, before a caffeine-infused caramel coffee sugar polish increases circulation and nourishes your skin with shea butter. Next, you’ll be painted in an antioxidant-rich, dark chocolate mask enriched with CoQ10 enzymes to prevent free radical damage. Add a pigment brightening serum called Spotted Leaving to even skin tone. Finally, a botanical blend Three Milk Moisturizer with clinical peptides brings a rich, creamy finish that instantly feels firming as it helps spur on collagen production to reduce the look of deep wrinkles. Crow Catcher eye Serum treats your eye area to a smooth, firm appearance so you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

August Facial of the Month

September Pedicure of the Month

August Pedicure of the Month

 Here's to sunset tunes and pink tropical skies! A polyphenol-rich green tea cleanser helps rejuvenate and prep skin for a pore-refining, rose water and aronia fruit mist! Your complexion will begin to glisten after an organic lavender and strawberry extract buffing powder exfoliation. Next, tighten and glow with a banana and turmeric mask - packing a punch with pro vitamin A to noticeably firm skin and erase the look of fine lines. A resveratrol-infused serum is applied tosupply your complexion with an array of vitamins and antioxidants. You'll wind down with a luxurious blend of three botanical milks, specially formulated with peptides that soothe and firm skin. End with an eye perfecting serum to help erase the look of crow's feet. Voila!

Layers of chocolate, coffee and caramel await! A warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted on, and you’re cocooned in with a steaming sultry Butte Brulee wrap, relax and bask in antioxidant-rich CoQ10 enzymes as skin drinks in the nutrients. A triple shot caramel coffee exfoliation smooths and refines skin. Finally, your treatment is topped off with a light marshmellow melt massage – yours for the taking.