Pedicure & Facial of the Month

 If smooth skin “apeels” to you, you’re in for a treat! First, we begin with a steaming butter brulee whole milk and chicory root wrap to soften skin and open pores. A creamy Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser infuses skin with skin-loving Sodium PCA to hydrate and nourish as it cleanses. Next, skin is smoothed with a natural buffing mask blend made with calming burdock root, mango butter, skin-enhancing rice powder and whole milk. Prepare for a powerful tingling pudding mask! Tapioca flour, rice and glycolic and fruit extract-based AHA’s combine in a gentle skin-renewing pudding that tingles away as it sloughs off dry skin, revealing refreshed skin beneath. A firming peptide-enhanced moisturizer helps soften your deepest wrinkles, while Crow Catcher Eye Serum helps to smooth the finest of crow’s feet, bringing you a truly ageless transformation. 

A gentle green tea and milk cleanser removes dirt and oil from the skin, followed by a whipped shea butter and sugar micro-scrub to gently polish and refine. A velvety smooth, cooling active yogurt mask gently tingles, as pores are deep cleaned, tightened, and skin is nourished with raw honey and oats. An eye perfecting serum soothes and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and a rich botanical milk and clinical peptide cream begins softening the look of deep wrinkles, while providing a flawlessly hydrated finish! 

 Say goodbye to dull and dry complexions with this 5-course pumpkin facial! A creamy green tea and coconut milk wash cleans and hydrates your skin, and a clarifying Sand Your Ground, Arizona red mineral mud exfoliator will smooth away dead skin and soothe with desert willow bark. You’ll be painted in Splendid Dirt, an organic pumpkin puree nutrient mud mask that tingles as it purifies and shrinks the look of your pores. Next, you’ll be pampered with Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, a botanical milk blend with peptides that work to plump deep wrinkles. Finally, this perky pumpkin gets an eye lift -- with Crow Catcher -- a clinically tested serum that makes crow’s feet start running for the hills.

 A little taste of your childhood summer in every treatment! Dry, parched skin is enveloped in a Clementine scented blend of 6 nourishing oils. A sweet cream scented sea salt scrub polishes all your rough edges, followed by a cooling Honeysuckle Blood Orange Custard Aloe & Shea Butter massage. Completely dreamy.

November Facial of the Month

September Pedicure of the Month

 Get out your best plaid flannel! This pedi is toasty fun with skin-loving goodness oozing out the sides. It begins with a rich whole milk and chicory root Butter Brulee soak full of fats and lactic acid that softens skin. Next you’re exfoliated smooth with a glisteny brown sugar, rice bran oil and premium rum scrub with delicious notes of butterscotch. A dark chocolate mask with anti-aging CoQ10 enzymes, leaves skin caressed and ultra-smooth. Finally, you’ll be drizzled in an all natural marshmallow-scented rich butter blend of emollient Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters that melt into skin, leaving you instantly irresistibly soft and ready to get back to life outside the forest. 

December Pedicure of the Month

 Deck your heels in holiday delight! This delicious pedicure begins with a Peppermint Fizzer soak. Next, feet and legs are smoothed and exfoliated with fine grain sweet cream salt scrub, making dry winter skin soft to the touch. Finally, your feet will be wrapped in a warm chocolate mask that's loaded with nourishing vitamins and extracts. A final massage with a spicy Ginger Sorbet Body Milk leaves toes feeling fresh and invigorated. After a primp and polish you'll jingle all the way home! 

December Facial of the Month

September Facial of the Month

Your awakening begins with our creamy, hydrating Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser. Red Arizona montmorillonite clay and fine pumice grains help skin begin again, while Peat Perfection – a bionutrient, age-old plant matter -- rapidly soothes, moistens, and snuffs out any irritations or itchy ailments. Next, bask in a powerhouse serum ripe with fruit and vegetable high-antioxidant extracts and resveratrol from winery grapes. Then, a botanical blend of three milks and an age-easing peptide thoroughly moisturize with line-releasing results. Finally, you look years younger with the application of Crow Catcher, a peptide-enhanced silky veil that imparts an instantly addictive eye firming effect that lasts and lasts. The best of earth, plant and peptides

November Pedicure of the Month

October Pedicure of the Month

 Wash away your winter worries with a hydrating compress of steaming coconut milk. A green tea-infused cream facial cleanser, designed to soothe and moisturize your skin, clears the way for One Fine Day facial polish. Dreary, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against this whipped delight, which uses sugar and shea butter to revive your complexion. We top this off with a hearty helping of Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer - a skin firming peptide cream blended with three botanical milks. Your holiday hydration is complete with a clinically tested, age-defying eye serum that firms, tightens and reduces unsightly under-eye circles. Unwrap the magic! 

Each month enjoy a special crafted pedicure and facial to match the month!

Featuring Farmhouse Fresh products that have been chosen to have a scent theme. 

Included in your service is a infused water or Cocktail to match the theme and a little edible treat to match as well!

Amy's Creative Cakes bakes special treats for each month!

Approximately 60 minutes

 Facial of the Month


Pedicure of the Month ------$59


August Facial of the Month

 Rev those fall pumpkin decoration engines! This delicious pedi is seasonal fuel. Clementine and Cinnamon oils softens and hydrates feet. Then a custom-blended spicy organic puree of pumpkin and nutrient-rich muds combines with sweet cream sea salts in an invigorating exfoliation treat that leaves you glowy and spicy-fresh. Your pedi finishes with a Sweet Cream lotion like a dollap of fresh whipped cream massage. Bring on the Thanksgiving delights! 

October Facial of the Month

August Pedicure of the Month

 Bask in a hot, bubbling spiced-apple cider fizzing soak with Vitamin E and sweet almond oil. After an invigorating Sweet Cream sea salt exfoliation, you'll be painted in a warm honey glaze moisture serum that deeply hydrates and brings a healthy glow. A creamy caramel body milk massage completes your sweet and scrumptious treatment. You'll smell good enough to eat!