Pedicure & Facial of the Month

April Facial of the Month

June Facial of the Month

 Go au naturale as we eliminate dirt and makeup while nourishing with an Agave Nectar Oil pre-cleanse to perfectly prep your skin. After a green tea and coconut milk cleanse, imagine the sand between your toes while the sweet shea sugar polish from the One Fine Day Scrub whips up and works wonders to smooth your skin. Set the tone to firming with the prickly pear, Cactus Toning Wrap that warms as it tightens your complexion. A steaming nectar milk-infused towel helps boost the firming feel! Finally, we help minimize wrinkles, shrink the look of your pores and chase off those pesky crows feet with Spotted Leaving Brightening Serum, Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer and the clinically tested Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum. You’ll see nothing but glistening horizons!

 Breathe freshness into your skin with this facial that includes a citrus-cilantro antioxidant oil pre-cleanse and a pH-balanced, gentle green tea botanical milk cleanser. An exfoliation and mud mask powder using tea, cucumber extract, whole milk and French green clay, sows the seeds for superbly soft skin. Next, refine pores with a calming peat vegetative mask before a green tea & marigold steamed towel treatment soothes skin. Indulge in a variety of nutrients as a Wine Down serum is then applied to comfort complexion with skin-loving antioxidants. You’re now prepped for perfection – which is accomplished with a skin-firming Three Milk Moisturizer and peptide-laced Crow Catcher Eye Serum. Let that beauty bloom! 

 We’ll dip, whip and slather you through this delightfully tasteful GREEN treatment. It begins with a soak in our Cucumber Fresca fizzer ball, then a refreshing exfoliation that smooths skin with a Watermelon Basil and Vodka Scrub. Next, bask in dollops of rich avocado butter and super antioxidants – green tea, goji fruit, and pomegranate extracts – as this cooling Guac Star Mask helps infuse skin with extra hydration and a healthy dose of vitamins while a Citrus Cilantro wrap seals it all in. Last, a Fresh Melon body milk lotion with citrus cilantro oil massage leaves you limber and light on your feet.

 Clear your calendar and your skin as a clementine antioxidant-rich oil nourishes skin, removes impurities, and sets the tone to an island facial escape. We begin by cleansing with a green tea and coconut cream wash before a whipped shea butter face polish with hints of grapefruit and citrus oils clears the way – this is One Fine Day! Next up is an exfoliating blend of natural mango butter, extracts, rice powder and poppy seeds that gently exfoliate and rejuvenate, while a skin-brightening serum is applied to even skin tone and bring forth a more polished you! Finally, a peptide-enhanced Three Milk Moisturizer and Crow Catcher Eye Transformation Serum provide the grand finale to this velvety smooth facial.

May Facial of the Month

May Pedicure of the Month

 Freshen your complexion with this sweet springtime treat. The Green Tea Milk Wash will purify and pamper your skin, while a steaming compress of our Nectar Milk Soak uses chicory root and almond oil extract to deeply soften, calm, and moisturize. A shea-sugar polish is next on the menu to prep complexion for a decadent facial mask that soaks up impurities with its nutrient-rich yogurt, oat and honey components. Peak antioxidants in Wine Down Serum imparts so much vitamin and antioxidant goodness, your face just plumps up with happiness! Crow Catcher Eye Serum begins attacking wrinkles and lines. Finally, Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer, a botanical blend of deep wrinkle combating peptides and creamy, age-defying hydration, provides the perfect dollop on this rejuvenating delight. 

April Pedicure of the Month

June Pedicure of the Month

July Facial of the Month

Each month enjoy a special crafted pedicure and facial to match the month!

Featuring Farmhouse Fresh products that have been chosen to have a scent theme. 

Included in your service is a infused water or Cocktail to match the theme and a little edible treat to match as well!

Amy's Creative Cakes bakes special treats for each month!

Approximately 60 minutes

 Facial of the Month


Pedicure of the Month -----  $59

Make it a package! Book our Flavor of the Month Package

 Pedicure and Facial of the Month for----  $100! 


Welcome to the softer side of the sole.Fluffy Bunny fizzer ball soak cradles feet. You’re buffed to gleaming perfection with a honey lavender sea salt body polish. As a creamy mask is massaged onto skin, you’ll begin to notice toasty notes of vanilla & honey envelop your senses as this pre and probiotic milk wrap penetrates into skin to provide lasting hydration. Finally, breathe easy as a creamy buttermilk and organic lavender-infused steeped milk massage sends your senses away to a land of velvety softness.

July Pedicure of the Month

Your island retreat begins with a Sparkling Passionfruit fizz ball soak that envelops skin in antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil. Next, you’ll be whipped into silky-fine softness with a pineapple coconut shea butter sugar scrub revealing glowing, quenched skin. A warming cactus toning wrap mask to soften tired feet, then a mango-melon shea butter massage will top off your glorious getaway. Served with sangria for a very relaxed bahama mama!

 Nestle into the dreamy and creamy Coconut Cream Milk wrap that envelops your skin in buttery smoothness, soothing dry, itchy skin. A brandy infused pear sea salt polish smoothes and refines, leaving you with a nourished glow. Your feet will tingle as Pajama Paste mask sloughs off dry skin. End with a shea butter massage with bright notes of coconut, sweet cream and pear is sure to leave you warm and cozy all over.

August Pedicure of the Month

March Pedicure of the Month

March Facial of the Month

August Facial of the Month

 Soak in a luxurious lemon creme fizz ball infused bath. Be flawlessly smoothed with a fresh, citrus and cream fine grain salt scrub. Finally, a light massage whisks you off your feet with a soothing fresh Hello Yellow lemon cream shea butter lotion.

 Oh wholesome joy! Begin with gentle, creamy Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser to remove makeup and dirt with a nourishing finish that doesn’t feel stripped or tight. Next, skin is smoothed with a natural buffing powder blend made with toning tea and cucumber, skin-enhancing rice powder and whole milk. Once you’re smooth, prepare for a cooling quench! A refreshing Guac Star Mask is applied. This rich avocado butter mask infuses skin with fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients and skin-feeding super antioxidants – green tea, goji fruit and pomegranate. Add a splash of healing to this treatment with a brightening serum  your complexion will thank you. More soothing and firming takes place with a Three Milk Moisturizer peptide application, and a treat for the eyes as Crow Catcher, a powerful line-smoothing eye transformation serum, begins to loosen the squint and bring on a refreshed appearance.

 Settle in for a whipped shea butter exfoliation and simmer down with a gentle lavender-hibiscus steam towel application. Let your mind wander into fields of strawberry and lavender as you are gently exfoliated and nourished with a luxurious blend of rice powder, strawberry fruit extract, whole milk and organic lavender buds. Melt away while we massage your arms and hands with Quinsyberry oil mixed with marshmellow melt lotion.  Your journey to youth is merely beginning with a yogurt mask that is specially formulated with natural lactic acid that works to prevent premature aging. Quench your skin with peptide-enhanced skin brightening serum along with a botanical milk hydrator. A Crow Catcher Eye Serum treatment completes the transformation. 

 Soak your feet in a sprightly, herbal citrus-cilantro blend of antioxidant-rich oils that coat and hydrate skin. Then let a burst of refreshment scrub over you! Watermelon and basil oils combine with sugar and rice bran oil to invigorate and exfoliate dull skin. Walk out crisp and deliciously sweetened with a hydrating body milk massage scented with green melon and natural cucumber extract.