Each month enjoy a special crafted pedicure and facial to match the month!

Featuring Farmhouse Fresh products that have been chosen to have a scent theme. 

Included in your service is a heated herbal neck wrap, water, coffee, tea, wine or Cocktail to match the theme and a little edible treat to match as well!

Amy's Creative Cakes bakes special treats for each month!

Approximately 60 minutes

 Facial of the Month


Pedicure of the Month -----  $59

Make it a package! Book our Flavor of the Month Package

 Pedicure and Facial of the Month for----  $100! 


September Pedicure of the Month

November Facial of the Month

September Facial of the Month

October Pedicure of the Month

December Facial of the Month

 Creamy Butter Brulee whole milk and chicory root create an ice-cream like soak that nourishes dry winter skin. Next, a caramel, whipped coffee polish brings skin-tightening caffeine and a deliciously smooth exfoliation. Wrap in a chocolate mask and relax with the enveloping hot towel wrap.  Finally, a shea butter Velvet Sunday massage leaves warm notes of cinnamon and sweet sugar on your skin as it hydrates with a blend of natural oils and vitamin E.

January Facial of the Month

January Pedicure of the Month

December Pedicure of the Month

Pedicure & Facial of the Month

October Facial of the Month

November Pedicure of the Month